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    Hello everyone,

    My name is John, and my partner is Lisa. We have a young Son (Ethan), who at the time of writing is just over 3yrs old. I also have an older Daughter (Michelle).

    My full time job is that of an Accident Investigator.

    We live in Tamworth, Staffordshire which is just off junc 10 of the M42.

    We operate a number of websites and blogs, some are associated with the caravan and camping.

    Our latest one is The Caravan Club Site Reviews & CLs which was opened in late March 2008. We opened that blog as we love the outdoors and aim to get away, mainly to Caravan Club sites as much as possible. We hope to share some of our experiences and would love to hear about other's experiences too.

    We are members of The Caravan Club.

    We also operate a website called: CL Touring Caravan Club Certified Locations which is devoted to looking at Caravan Club Certified Locations.

    Hope that helps to tell you a little about us, and we hope to join in more and more with your discussions.

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    Apr 19, 2008
    East London
    Hello and welcome to motorhome fun

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