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  1. Craigeeio


    May 12, 2015

    My name is Craig Whyte. I am 36 years old and have for the past two years thinking about buying a motorhome and moving into it full time. I am based in Totnes Devon. I work part time at the University Monday to Wednesday and the rest of the time work as a freelance filmmaker.

    I am interested in buying an American RV type vehicle and have a budget of £15000 to spend on a motorhome. Something like the one below. [​IMG]

    1. Does anyone own and live in an American RV and what are there experiences, ,good or bad?

    2. Insurance companies to recommend?

    3. Anyone who still works and lives full time in their motorhome?

    There’s a local campsite that I can stay at for 42 per week/£168 a month otherwise I can stay every now and again at Totnes Industrial site for free.

    Rent is too high these days and want my own home even if it’s on wheels. I spend £750 on rent every month at the moment including bills. Any advice would be great for a beginner.

    Best Regards

    Craig Whyte
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    Aug 6, 2014
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    Welcome to Fun:welc:. Well worth paying your tenner and then you can ask as many questions as you like - you'll always get an answer. You're probably a bit early in the day for a lot of people - loads of people still working and don't get on until later in the day.

    If you're planning on staying put for so long a caravan and car would probably be a better option. You can always move to another site for a couple of days and then go back to the first one so you're not considered permanent.

    If you really do want a motorhome I would consider a winterised European van as well as an RV. You really need to check what you can drive with your licence as the rules changed in, I think, 1997.

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    This thread appears to be a copy of one started yesterday?

    I am confused!

    JJ :cool:
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    Jul 12, 2013
    Hi and welcome.
    Owning a motorhome does not remove all of your overheads and they are not always as cheap to run as it may appear.
    Every night you will pay rent unless you can fit into a free parking spot, which size can inhibit.
    Every time you move the van you are paying for fuel.
    Every year you must tax the vehicle, something that could be expensive if the exhaust is not clean
    Insurance for you home is another consideration as is servicing and maintenance.
    American motorhomes are not always easy to maintain with their own idiosyncratic design.
    Being generally built for weight or cost, components in the habitation can break although american vans sometimes use domestic fittings which can be stronger.
    We have met many people who enjoy living permanently in their motorhomes and most would not consider changing their lifestyle. The only real moan I have heard was about the cost of tyres and fuel, so with that in mind; have fun!

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