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    Anyone tried using electric heat tape as a way of frost protection for vulnerable pipes etc in MH ?. We must have particularly susceptible pipes and tap in the sink, three new taps in three years is not a good record to have. Despite lagging the pipes with loft insulation, come spring the tap leaks or the plastic joints have split and water shoots all over the place ! I have just purchased 5 litres of non toxic anti freeze which I intend to squirt through the system next winter in an attempt to beat the winter freeze. If none of these work I shall be forced to blow the system with pressurised air, which seems complicated !
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    it is common on RV's

    Lost of RV's have heated black and grey tanks.. it comes in the form of a pad, that runs off of 12v or 110v (step down from 230v) They also in the USA do a bandage to go round pipes...

    try either Duncan at www.starspangledspanner.co.uk

    or contact Darren/Martin of RV Spares (he can be found on ebay under American RV Motorhomes as a search and look for one of his hundreds of sales and send him an email... of

    tele him at 01452 856856..

    Duncan's number is 01522 778944


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