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Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by pappajohn, Apr 24, 2008.

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    hi Geo,
    got the buzzer you suggested but unfortunatly your info was wrong:Doh:

    5 wire system.

    power in/out to left indicator

    power in/out to right indicator

    common earth. (presumably for relays !)

    if its connected to cab end wiring the buzzer will sound regardless of trailer/toad attached or not. it must be connected between 7core cable and van indicator wires.
    ie: no toad attached = no earth/continuity through toad bulb = no buzzer.

    connect at flasher unit will mean an earth/cont will be present through M/H indicator so it will sound when M/H indi's are used. :Sad:
    (unless you know a dsifferent way)

    its a long way from the rear end to the drivers seat and the buzzer aint that loud.

    no big shakes though as it was only £2.75.

    thanks for the link all the same. :thumb:.


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