Fiat 130 multijet-read the manual before topping up with oil

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    Good advice for anyone with the Fiat 130 mulitjet and possibly similar
    Before heading on our long drive to Spain/Portugal I checked the oil level, but forgot there is nowt level in Todmorden and it seemed to be 5 mm down from the upper mark so being a goody goody I bought a litre of the only oil that Fiat recommend and topped it up with no more than 1/4 litre and upon dipping again it was about 3 mm over the maximum.

    Driving down country it had definitely lost some grunt and I cussed the extra drag of 225 tyres instead of 215 on the rear, stuck an extra 5 psi in but to no avail.

    Upon reading the manual the difference between the top mark and bottom mark on the dipstick is only 1 litre and in bold print DO NOT OVERFILL

    I have dropped some oil out and just been for a run to John Cross Motorhomes and all is back to normal. Someone may know the technical reason for this but deffo do not exceed the upper mark.

    The picture shows the wide gap on the dipstick between high and low which equates to one litre and on my previous vehicles that would represent about 2 litres or more so be careful
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    Many years ago I used to drive for Security Express Ltd, I filled a drivers van up to the dip stick mark, has I was on early duties, they had to be rescued on the M6 with the engine bay covered in oil and a none runner, the problem was he had the wrong dip stick and he new to only fill up til the bottom of the stick was wet not up to the full mark I used about 4 inches further up, but if you don't know you don't know. Pete :roflmto::roflmto::roflmto:
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