Eurocamp's new motorhome idea

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    Jul 19, 2007
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    From Today's Sun Newspaper
    Eurocamp's new motorhome idea
    IF you have always fancied touring Europe in a motorhome but never had £40,000 or so handy to buy one, check out the latest idea from Eurocamp.

    Next year you can hire a motorhome, from one of 11 pick-up and drop-off points across France. Decide your starting point and work with Eurocamp to select your first campsite.
    After that it’s over to you – using your directory and booking guide you can then stay wherever you fancy or plan ahead and pre-book your pitch.

    The motorhomes have a lounge-and-eating area, shower room, toilet, fully-equipped kitchen and a separate bedroom. There are 11 models of mobile home to choose from.
    Eurocamp’s Chris Hilton says: “People are realising what a great way they are to explore more of Europe.

    “With hectic schedules at home, a holiday on four wheels lets you set your own timetable and come and go as you please, with no restrictions caused by flight times or hotel deadlines.”

    Motorhome holiday prices start from £69 per night and you should expect to pay around £50 per night per stopover, including use of all utilities. Call 0844 406 0552 or visit

  2. pappajohn

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    Aug 26, 2007
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    £69 per day/night..........ok....i wouldnt pay it but thats just me.

    £50 per night stopover:Eeek: does that incude free meals and drinks and a maid to serve 'em:ROFLMAO:.

    its certainly not a good PR exersize to get folks to hire your vans is it, saying things like that.:Doh:

    if a site owner said 'that'll be £50 sir' i'd park across his site entrance in protest.

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