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Dump valve - and another one.. (1 Viewer)


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Apr 20, 2023
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dethleffs ducato
Good Evening,

Not at all a handyman of any kind and all of this is very new to me so bare with me please :D
We bought a Dethleffs Globetrotter (1988) a few months back and now having a play around. Filling up the boiler seems to be an issue as the water is draining out of a pipe under the van. The dump valves are closed, there’s two separate pipes for them under the van and then a third.
The warm water comes back from the boiler as a split red pipe - one to feed the hot water taps and the other through a check valve and directly out of the van. We just had the bathroom refitted and were told to replace the check valve from the boiler so we’ve bought a new one. When this ‘check valve’ is turned with the arrow facing with the direction of the water flowing out of the van (which is how we were told to do it), the water flows out, the boiler doesn’t fill and there’s no water coming from the hot taps. When it’s turned facing the other way the boiler fills up, water is dripping from the warm bathroom tap but also creates a really loud honking noise from the boiler.

Any ideas as to why firstly the water is flowing out and not filling the boiler? Did we insert this valve correctly? Do we even need it? And secondly why there is such a poor amount of water coming from the bathroom taps (only the bathroom, the kitchen is fine).
We installed a new pump (2 bar) and checked the pipes for bends but everything is okay.

Any help would be appreciated!

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