Driving through Marseilles city centre

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    I knew it was not a good idea but followed Garmin as I am under 3.5 T and just under 6 meters and 2.3 m wide........ That was a bit of an experience especially with the road works and crazy motor cyclists. Still my experience paled into insignificance to the British MH who went through today......straight into a left vs left vs right(I think) large political demo kicking off with fireworks and flares and some nasty French words. Complete with a large amount of police & CRS riot police struggling to keep all the factions apart!! My advice, visit Marseilles for the old town and old harbour but don't drive through it on a Saturday afternoon! Hope they got out ok, last time I saw them they were surrounded :Eeek::france:

    There is only one place to stay in town and its €15 with 3amp leccy, well secured and serviced (y)
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