Dometic Fridge Fixed!!! Rm7541

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    Aug 10, 2012
    My fridge decided to defrost its self on gas , having just come off mains and then been on a journey

    Had the vents off and checked it out, flame, hot chimney but heat exchanger cool, argh!!!!

    suspected it had leaked gas , but the engineer didn't like the look of the flame, ' too small' he said

    Turns out the newly fitted jet had crud in it, fine dust came out of the pipe from the controller to the jet/burner

    Cleaned and new jet now the flame has a quiet roar when you put your ear near it

    Result fridge back to normal [and a £50 bill]

    So much for the £80 service at the Lincoln show in November

    Had to do it all over again , but I have a working appliance, happy days

    hope this might help anyone else with a warm fridge and a 'small flame'
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