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    Dec 19, 2012
    For approximately 18months i have been exploring the world of Motorhomes, intending to purchase a used vehicle when i find the right van. I have been looking at sub 6m vehicles, both low profiles and van conversions. Recently i have seen a Dethleffs Fortero 5975 advertised for sale but have not as yet viewed it due to it being some distance away. I would be interested in the views and opinions of anyone who has experience of Dethleffs, in particular this model or any of the similar low profiles that they produce. (they seem to produce quite few!)
    Most of thier similar sized low profiles based on the Ford Transit (Globevan, Summer Edition and other Fortero Models) all share the same shorter wheelbase of the Ford Transit. However the Fortero 5975, although having the same overall vehicle length as the previously mentioned models (5.9m), uses a slightly longer wheelbase, resulting in a shorter overhang beyond the rear wheels and hence a smaller garage based in this area. As it appears to be thier only model of this length on the slightly longer wheelbase i wonder if there are some negatives that resulted in the shorter wheelbase being preffered on all thier other models. The only other obvious difference i can find between the Fortero and the other similar models is that the Fortero is listed as 2.26m wide as apposed to 2.15m wide for the globevan. Is this width difference really noticeable in real terms?
    I would appreciate any remarks, comments or advice from all you knowledgeable people out there.

    Thanks for your time.
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    Dec 12, 2010
    2.3 ish metres is the 'standard' width for a motorhome. I wouldn't worry about that!

    A longer wheelbase and less overhang will offer a heavier garage capacity and a more stable ride with less pitching on bumpy roads and less yaw in side winds and cornering.

    The only downside is a bit less agility in tight spots in town and in car parks. The Transit has a tight turning circle anyway, so again I wouldn't worry about that either!:thumb:
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    Dec 7, 2007
    west yorkshire
    I have a globevan on a Ford Transit.Have Had it for 5years the only problem was a leak on on the power steering.The furnishings are well built,the garage is great and the fixed bed really comfy and warm in winter.Just right for us 2 and a small dog.We have big roof light over the front above windscreen I am glad we had it fitted lets a lot more light in and great in summer to let some air in.Altered my spot lights to led strips.The swing wall shower is great.Has done 35mpg.
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    Oct 27, 2009
    cant fault Dethleffs they seem to be a really supportive company.
    i had a problem with a broken door handle spring so emailed Dethleffs and they sent me a file by return which explained in detail how to dismantle the door and repair the handle.

    which was more than i would expect from most companies.
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    Aug 22, 2007
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    I assume you're looking at a Fortero about 5 years or so old. We nearly bought a new one a few years back and were not impressed with the quality of it at all - we saw a new one at a dealers which was already falling to pieces so in our view didn't think that the longevity of them would be very good.

    We did however have a Rapido 709F (2003) which was a similar layout except it had a 'French bed' (longitudinal rather than transverse). What eventually drove me nuts was having the kitchen directly opposite the seating/table so that every time I wanted something from the cupboards I bashed me bum, arm etc on it and it meant we were all squished up at the front whilst I was preparing the grub (as hubby used to do the holiday planning at the same time). We loved it but after nearly 4 years I'd fallen out of love with the layout so we changed to one with a kitchen further back, away from the front dinette area which worked much better.

    Our last coachbuilt which we changed from this year, was a Chausson Flash 04 which has a similar layout to the Fortero but the kitchen was located further away from the seating which made it much better for me. We only changed to our current PVC as we wanted to get a more 'multi-use' vehicle and something which we could take to some more 'off the beaten track' places a bit easier, but the layout is very similar again to the Chausson although the kitchen is a bit closer to the dinette but still sufficiently distant to not cause me 'bum bashing' problems!!! :Doh:
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