Calling all 2020 Fiat Ducato owners.

Sep 21, 2019
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Any suggestions please from people with the above vehicle.Mine came with a 5" screen Tom tom car sat nav.It has a Fiat uconnect sat nav/radio.Unlike the 2019 version alot of the modes (auto lock,clock,trip etc.) Are set via the head unit and unlike the 2021 version the head unit cannot be upgraded to tom tom camper.So I have spoken to Fiat who advised me not to put a better head unit in as I will nolonger be able to access these modes and it may confuse the onboard computer and prompt it to throw up bogus fault notifications.However the whole world except me seem to be upgrading this vehicles head unit.I notice that 2020 Dephleffs come with the Pioneer Evo already fitted.So if you are still reading this thank you anybody with that vehicle and a posh head unit have you experienced any problems and how do you access the pre mentioned modes

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