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Feb 9, 2008
Corby, Northants
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I'm considering taking the missus and the Motorhome to Brittany for 10 days mid October.
Ideally, we are looking for somewhere where we can relax and enjoy a reasonably warm climate whilst exploring the cost line in our Motorhome. I've got this years copy of the ACSI camping sites and card, and my plan is to spend a night or two at these camps to recharge our batteries, water tanks etc. as we move along the coast. If we find somewhere we really like we will stay for a while before moving on.

I'm not sure if we should explore the north coast i.e. St. Brieuc or the South Coast Lorient.? As we have never visited this part of France before and would welcome advice from members who have visited at this time of the year!

Also, I was wandering if anyone has any experience of the Caen area, it's less distance to travel and the coast line looks interesting!
Again, your comments would be most welcome!



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Feb 3, 2008
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Hi Philippft, You ask about north or south Brittany, having spent almost all of June in south Brittany I can really recommend it to North Brittany, although the north is also very nice. The only problem you may have is that a lot of sites close around the end of September. As far as Caen is concerned this is another great area especially for doing the D Day Beaches. We had a great time there six years ago and stayed for another four days last year on our way back from the Loire. Again you will have to check for the opening dates if you plan on going on sites at that time of the year. If you would like to know where we went and what the sites were like send me a private message via website. Whatever you do HAVE FUN :thumb:

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