Breakdown on the way to Parc Verger

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    Picture the scene, you are in a foreign country and all of a sudden your clutch pedal hits the floor! Well this happened to us last Saturday on the way to the meet. We had just come to a roundabout and the pedal hit the floor. Started the bus in first gear and hopped to the first exit and parked up. Called the recovery company and they arranged a towtruck to get us. 2 hours later and with the help of a few passing locals, our location was sussed. Truck arrived. Recovery agent looked at the problem - the bleed screw on the slave cylinder had come loose - Thames Fiat replaced the cluch in May / June at 17000 miles - bus has done 21000 now. As it was a Saturday afternoon, there was no one open to do the job. We spent the first 2 days of our holiday - till Monday morning stuck in the recovery company's yard. We were offered a hotel but with all our stuff in the van we decided to stay with it. The Fiat dealer fixed the fault within 30 mins of us getting there and charged us €65 for the job. They had rung Fiat to see if it was under warantee and said "ah, you have had a new clutch fitted recently. They didnt do the job properly" We got to Parc Verger about 6 that evening. Needless to say, I will be taking it up with Thames for resteration and compensation.


    Onto the lorry!


    In the yard

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