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Discussion in 'Tech/Mech General' started by 2escapees, Dec 15, 2007.

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    When we went to York this year we had planned to get the airide air suspension system and the Gaslow LPG system fitted. I am pleased to say we did both and now wonder why we had not done it earlier.

    Airide was fitted in under one hour by their excellent fitters in a wet muddy field. The difference was noticeable as we left the racecourse and made a large improvement to to handling on our trip around Scotland and Wales.

    Two 11kg LPG tanks were installed with an external filler and the tanks even came full so we could stay on site. The installation was excellent and again we wonder why we did not do it sooner. We can now fill up anywhere including all over Europe and Russia. In France it's called GPL and is widely available. No changes were needed to any appliances including our Truma. If it was fitted to all new units it would stop all that chat about how do I get refill gas tanks when I go to Spain? etc. We have in the past had our old tanks filled in some very dodgy places without problem but you can't keep doing that.

    Check out both systems!:thumb:
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    Jul 25, 2007
    Well, since Spanish GPL filling stations are still pretty sparse to say the least, you might still need to use " some very dodgy places" to refill. Refillable bottles or an LPG tank are not a 'final solution' for all countries and situations.
    For example, there are no LPG filling stations in Morocco, so keeping a gas system flexible and adaptable is the key but if I were traveling outside Western Europe on a long trip, diesel would be my preferred fuel for everything except cooking..
    I have an LPG tank with an 'Extenda stay' and several fittings to suit just about any gas bottle, this is more convenient to use rather than driving for many miles to find an LPG filling station, which may or may not exist.

    As with most things motorhoming, keep it simple and keep it flexible..:Smile:

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