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    Aug 14, 2015
    Following on from the thread on Air Suspension, I mentioned about having an Aircon System fitted and I promised a few pictures when it was complete. To save muddling up the thread on air suspension I thought I would make a separate thread.

    Our Van is an Autoroller 600 on a transit base, I love the chassis and we love the van layout but the problem is it doesn’t have any cab aircon. On the Peugeot we had before I found a company who could retro fit cab aircon, but I had no such luck with the transit.

    We also plan to tour Europe next year so thought we would go down the route of habitation aircon with a DC kit fitted to run while driving. We had Phil from Rhino installs look at it, and he said he would happily fit a roof mounted one, but as the sky lights are so far back it would not really help keep cool in the cab…..

    We left it a couple of months then I came across the Dometic HB2500 Hideaway Air Conditioner. This has 3 outputs and the idea was to have one duct at the rear, one at the front dinette and one pointed in the cab, when driving we could shut off the rear one to get more air through the front.

    We arranged the supply and install through Rhino Installs.

    My plan was to have the system fitted under the front dinette bench seat, keeping the unit central, however the frame for the seatbelt mounts prevented this, and the only place it could go was the rear locker, this wasn’t ideal because we lost a little useable locker space and also (as Phil pointed out) the air had further to travel to hit the front. It turns out though the airflow is fantastic and plenty is getting to the front. The other bonus about it being in the rear locker is the noise, its very quiet inside when running in normally and in night mode its even better!

    The ducting was taken under the chassis using external ducting which has been really well done.

    Our van only has gas heating, so when on hook up we still have to use the gas, the other advantage of this system is we can use it as a heater, I have tried it tonight and it warms the van up nice.

    The outlets at the front are a little lower down than they should be but this was decided so we could get airflow at the rear passenger seats when travelling.

    Obviously we cant fully test the cooling capability at the moment, but the airflow is amazing! The remote works great and I am very happy.

    I can highly recommend Phil at Rhino once again, in the last month he has fitted the following for us

    Sat Dome, 2 Avtex TV’s, Fiamma door lock, TOAD alarm and immobilizer, Tracker system, Air Suspension and Gauges, Battery master to charge vehicle battery when on EHU. And the Aircon, he leaves the Van immaculate when he is done, his workmanship is great as is his advice , his prices are reasonable and he does it all on your drive!

    Here is a link to the album for some pictures, if anyone wants anymore let me know.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    That is a really neat little set up. Our roof top aircon is coming to the end of its useful life, so may consider this!

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