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Jul 19, 2007
Sutton on Sea, UK
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Presently I am working on a Review section of the website, The link can be found just under the motorhomeFun logo at top left.

PLEASE DO NOT UPLOAD ANY REVIEWS YET as I have not finished sorting the categories. Sections that I have entered so far for you to enter your product reviews include Motorhomes (of course) so you will be able to review your particular brand and model, and other owners will be able to add their comments.

Similarly you will be able to review individual dealers and every type of motorhome accessory

There will also be a camp-site database of all of Europe so that we can add camp sites and their details and then we can review them as we visit, this will also be searchable by county, town and facility.

I will let you know when I have finished, it will take a fair bit of time (that i haven't got right now) to enter all the categories and get the review forms sorted out, but feel free to pop in there any time and have a look. Meanwhile if you can think of categories of products or services that we might review then please post here.

I would hope that this becomes a very valuable resource for all of us, there is nothing more confidence boosting when you are buying a product or service than when it has been recommended by friends, also being warned off a poor product or service is of course very beneficial. I hope you like this review section. It will take some effort by all of us initially inputting sites and products but I think that you must agree that the end result should be worth it:Smile:

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