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    Apr 24, 2009
    Having just returned from Barrow in Furness Cumbria with 8 X 6 volt batteries purchased by my good friend Roadrunner from evilbay whilst I was enjoying the delights of Euro Disney the other week, I have a few questions to ask regarding said batteries.
    First off, I havent a clue what they are suposed to read when fully charged,I put one of them on charge and after about 1 hour it showed 6.7 volts and my 3 stage charger said it was OK.
    What should the volt meter say when full???.
    Secondly,I managed to secure from the vendor some copper tie bars to join the batteries together,am I better using these than thick cable as is used on my RV???.
    Thirdly, are there any benifits to using 6 volt as opposed to 12 volt for house batteries???.
    The batteries are Yuasa 6 volt 160 AH and weigh as much as a small elephant.
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    For the Boffins out there
    These are to be reqarded as KISS figures
    Fully charged it should read 6.3 volts this higher reading you have is because its just come off charge ,leave to settle for a few hrs then check again. for info 6.2 is 3/4 and 6.1 is half charged 6.0 is flat:Doh:
    Only if your sure the batteries will not suffer undue vibration should you use the copper straps, cables are best suited to road vehicle use

    Bennifits? maybe you can get more amp hrs for the space occupied
    I assume they are some sort of deep cycle batteries
    Ie ex back up systems or milk floats
    ps very good make by the way
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    Hi Snowbird.

    Glad you got back from Disney OK.

    A 12v battery should read about 12.6v if healthy, charged and off load. Given the cells are the same type, this means that you should see about 6.3v. However if much less than 6.15v you have a problem as that mans its only about 50% charged. Don't measure it for an hour or so after taking off charge or you could get silly results. (when its charging you would get a higher voltage as its being fed by the charger.)

    The thicker the cross section of the the links the better. It's likely that if you work it out for the plates, and then compare it for the cable you have on hand, I suspect the plates will win hands down.

    Good luck ...... Robin

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