why choose a motorhome? not a caravan

Discussion in 'Motorhome Help for the Beginner' started by Adria 5, May 9, 2008.

  1. Adria 5

    Adria 5

    Jul 23, 2007
    hi yes its the old chestnut why choose a motorhome not a caravan mainly aimed
    at beginners to spell out why we motorhomers like motorhomes over caravans!

    To start many members have been down this route and caravaned 1st later changing to the freedom of motorhoming and that is the essence off it "freedom" most caravanners i know travel for the weekend or week set up and use there car for local trips
    where has motorhomers travel with there home and set up where they want [within reason:winky:] the ease off pulling up and putting the kettle on :thumb: where has the tuggers [ nickname caravaners:RollEyes:] spend hours off valueable time erecting dorema awnings on site:Doh:no wonder clarkson hates them:roflmto:

    i have been motorhoming for around 4 years now and love it if you get the bug thats it::bigsmile:

    why do you motorhome??

  2. Lindy-C

    Lindy-C Deleted User

    Our Motorhoming days started with the motor racing, basically you can't house a family of four comfortably in a transit van , nor can you tow a race shuttle with a caravan hooked on the back of a car ::bigsmile:

    Needless to say, we needed a vehicle which was man enough for the job, i.e. to manage the weight of the trailer and to carry all the tools and gubbins needed for race meetings so we went down the ARV route.....nowadays we hardly ever get time to pursue the motor racing hobby as we are always too busy towing the exhibition unit to and from the various VW and motorhome shows, the RV business was a spin-off from the early motorsport days........the rest, as they say, is history :roflmto:
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  3. thehutchies


    Aug 31, 2007
    The Wheelèd Shed
    Because of the opportunity to wildcamp and use the aires in France. :thumb:

    Also, because it seems like a more natural extension of our family life, like having a house on wheels rather than 'going on holiday' as you do with a caravan (if you see what I mean - I'll have to properly think this point through :roflmto: )
  4. N Luyetund

    N Luyetund Deleted User

    convenience.... lifestyle.... and hitching up does me back in:winky:
  5. superk


    Aug 22, 2007
    I agree a motorhome wins hands down because of the flexibility, use of Aires and being able to wild camp.
    However, I often wonder about folks I see on our winter tours with MHs that are too large to buzz about in and have no tow car and possibly just a scooter. I have met many who stay on one site and only way of getting about is public transport or hiring a car. They seem to be marooned on sites for long periods. Even if they move occasionally they still seem stuck and never get to see local villages or the people thereby missing what for us travel is all about. Apologies if your'e in this category and each to his own etc. Maybe relaxing in one place is what some people prefer. Seems a shame to drive hundreds of miles to stay in one place. With a caravan they would have the car and more flexibilty.
    Apologies for the ramble.
  6. ourcampersbeentrashed

    ourcampersbeentrashed Funster

    Apr 19, 2008
    East London
    10 reasons to choose a motorhome & not a caravan

    These are my personal 10 reasons

    1. Motorhomes dont take in damp as easily as caravans

    2. You can park most motorhomes on the public highway (road) legally. A caravan has to be attached to a motor to be legally parked on the highway.

    3. A motorhome is easier to trace than a caravan if it is stolen (even if number plates are changed, there are chassis numbers etc

    4. When you park a motorhome it is parked, no pulling and pushing of a caravan into place in the wet, the snow the wind etc.

    5. In windy weather a motorhome is less likely to turn over on a motorway

    6. You are not restricted to a towing speed when driving a motorhome.

    7. With a motorhome home you only need 1 mot a year and a habitation check
    With a caravan it needs a yearly roadworthy check, habitation check as well as and mot etc on the vehicle that tows it.

    8. You can rent out a motorhome more easily than a caravan so you can make money if you want to.

    9. A motorhome is easier to manoevre than a caravan.

    10. Easier shopping!!!! You can park a motorhome in a supermarket car park far more easily than a motor pulling a caravan

    Happy Camping
  7. Jim

    Jim Ringleader

    Jul 19, 2007
    Sutton on Sea
    The benefits of a MH over a caravan are enormous, the main one is that you will use it. A close friend of mine has a wife and 3 children and a caravan he spent a lot of money on it and vowed to use it a lot. He doesnt.

    I have 3 children and use the MH 4 times as much, even though he has more time available to him. The reason is, that he dreads the packing and towing and unpacking experience. A long journey in a cramped car with three kids can be a nightmare a some of us know. Toilets and snacks and then more toilets, the "are we there yets" and the toilet

    The journey in a MH is an enjoyable part of the experience, Sian can sit down in the back with the kids all belted in and play cards/scrabble watch a DVD , kids catch up on homework or even do music practise!!!! Eating, drinking and toileting is easy. We have fun "on-the-journey".

    We would think nothing of driving five/six hours to brighton just for the weekend, we might leave late on a friday night, stopover somewhere and then hit brighton early doors and be the first on the beach. The ten hours travelling might well be the best part of the weekend! We are spending quality time together as a family. The point being; my friend wouldnt dream of towing his van for 10 hours over a weekend, whereas in a MH a similar trip is easy on everything apart from my wallet!

    The benefits of a caravan come only when you are on site because you have the car, but if you tow a car ... :Smile:
  8. GJH

    GJH Funster Life Member

    Aug 20, 2007
    Acklam, Teesside, originally Glossop
    The main reason we chose a motorhome is that neither Jill nor I have ever fancied towing anything. Whether that will stay the same forever remains to be seen - we've seen some very nice small caravans on our travels :Smile:

    Our usage - a fair proportion of which is camping in fields at re-enactment events - could be done in either MH or caravan.

    A friend (who some will know from other forums) sold his MH and bought a caravan but has recently swapped his towcar for a small MH so now he has the best of both worlds.

    Perhaps that might be nice if the lottery comes up - but I think I might end up trying for a custom built conversion less than 20 feet long for ease of driving but with slide-outs to give more room :roflmto:

  9. Sweet Chariot

    Sweet Chariot

    Sep 30, 2007
    Staffordshire Moorlands
    I have mixed feelings regarding which is best and I suppose it depends on your health type of holidays and the size of your wallet.
    Yes a Motorhome is easier to set up on site or wild camping, yes when you come to go 10 minutes and you are packed.
    Comparing the two sorry I cannot include the car in the Caravan setup as I need a car anyway besides my Motorhome and having been a Tugger for 25 years I don't need a big 4x4.
    My motorhome is a motor vehicle and so my biggest loss is depreciation and yes Caravans depreciate but not at the rate of a Motorhome. When we choose a site we need either a reasonable walk or Public Transport to get of the site so we are limited to sites.
    Shopping in most cases there are height barriers preventing access to store car parks or no areas set aside for large vehicles. With your caravan you have your car. The servicing each year is far more expensive with a Motorhome than a Caravan and I have to Tax it.
    So why do I own a Motorhome,? for a lot of the reasons others have mentioned in this thread and because I enjoy the drive and it looks a dam sight more attractive than a Caravan. Cheaper more convenient we are kidding ourselves but at least I have managed my dream for many years.:thumb:
  10. dencol


    Nov 20, 2007
    Moved from camping to a caravan due to a back problem, but found I hated towing and trying to manoeuvre the caravan onto a pitch. Plus found I had to plan my journeys and once on site it was too much like hard work to move again.
    Picked up a panel van conversion end of last year, love it, don’t plan just go and find a site wherever I end up and if I don’t like the area / site just move on the next day. On days out I don’t have to spend half my time looking for a cafe (with a toilet) just park up somewhere with a great view put kettle on and I’m set for the day.
    Two problems though,
    have to do more DIY as when we end up at B & Q etc can get large flat pack items in (no more excuses about will not fit in the car).
    Anti councils, finding more and more height barriers and signs about no motorhome (Llandudno and Ross on Sea are my latest ‘finds’)
    But then again perhaps the best reason being I have turned into a grumpy old man and find I enjoying writing to councils with height barriers or restrictions asking why they do not want my money. (One day I may get a reply that they are sorry and have changed their policy, we live in hope:RollEyes:)

  11. Humber Traveller

    Humber Traveller Deleted User



    Well, having been camping since I was a kid, then sailing and boating for 31 years until health forced me to give it up, we tried a caravan once but could not cope with it. A motorhome is ideal because it is as it says a motor HOME, you have your own home wherever you want it and it suits us to a tee.

    You can stop when you want, move when you want, and the best thing is when you arrive at your destination, just pull the handbrake on and put the kettle on, rain or shine!

    Looking forward to some serious cruising when our new mh comes.
  12. Bulletguy


    Feb 7, 2008

    I think you will find some people fall into this category all to easily in both MH/RV and Caravan owners.

    Huge whacking RV's or caravans with massive lounges the size of staterooms and en-suite bedrooms to match. Impressive to look at.....but thats about all they are fit for.

    As for real touring, not only are they pretty much useless (unless you like driving up and down motorways all day long), the reason many spend endless days 'marooned' in one place is because they cannot go where smaller sized caravans or MH's will.

    Last year i toured the Outer Hebrides in my campervan. As its a swb Transit it will easily go anywhere a small or medium sized car will go.....and there are lots of very narrow single track 'B' roads on the Hebrides with nothing but peat bog either side of the road. Owners of larger RV type motorhomes never got to see the places i went to because their trucks were simply too big.

    Of course, family size dictates a lot when it comes to choice of van/mh. My Transit would be no use to a family of four unless you took an awning, but then if there is only two people, you really have to ask just what is the real reason they need to be driving around in a thing the size of a coach that gulps fuel every time it moves!
  13. Road Runner

    Road Runner

    Jul 26, 2007
    2 Great Danes = ARV solid furniture:winky::thumb:
  14. finby


    Oct 3, 2007
    We use our motorhome! Thats the thing. On a Saturday or Sunday we just chuck the dog into the motorhome and sod off to the coast (or wherever takes our fancy) for the day. We also go off for weekends after work on friday and come back sunday night. At 21 ft the motorhome is big enough for the two of us and dog, but small enough to take most places.
    Our next door neighbour has a caravan. It sits in his garden for fifty weeks of the year, and is only used for the annual holiday. He says its all too much trouble to pack it all up and then decant ir all at the other end, just for the odd weekend.
    I know that I'm paying for another vehicle, but it's worth it just to be able to head off into the great blue yonder at a whim!
    Plus, once bitten, theres no turning back!!! :active::restmycase::active::restmycase:
  15. dazzer


    Jul 30, 2007
    In my house
    Bought our RV as we used to do a lot of diving round the UK and needed somewhere to be comfy and with a decent shower but was also capable of towing the boat and lugging huge amounts of diving equipment round.

    After looking for many many months we decided the Euro built motorhomes were simply not up to the job, too underpowered, too small, too expensive and with a totally pants payload capability simply couldnt do the job in any way, shape or form so an American RV was the only way forward for us.

    We dont dive anywhere near as much these days and the boat has gone but I still havent changed my opinion of Euro motorhomes so its an RV for us :thumb:
  16. oldun


    Mar 23, 2008
    St Neots
    Why choose a caravan/motorhome and not a bed and breakfast?

    Why go on holiday at all?

    Surely we choose things because we believe that they are better for us. Others may/will choose differently.

    My two main reasons for going to s motorhome after 39 years of tugging were

    1. I wanted to be able to move around more flexibly
    2. I now an eye problem which may rapidly deteriorate and my wife will (just) drive the motorhome but would never drive a car towing a caravan.
  17. Reallyretired

    Reallyretired Funster

    Apr 27, 2008
    Eastbourne East Sussex
    MH v Tugger

    I have at various times been a M'homer and a tugger and on the whole find the MH has the edge. As others have mentioned it gets used a lot more. When my kids were smaller the MH was great to travel in, whereas a car can be very unpleasant on a long journey especially towing a caravan:cry:. I don't tour much in the UK because of lack and high cost of sites, height barriers etc and never have any problem parking my 6m A-class anywhere else.
    Sometimes a car would be useful though, driving a motorhome in Paris :Eeek:for example is not much fun, so working towards towing a small car hence posts regarding A frames.

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