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Nov 20, 2007
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Where is George Telford

Although I appreciate that some members appeared to dislike George, (mainly I feel because he had an annoying habit of being right and presenting evidence that some prefered not to see), and obviously were dragging up arguments from other forums, I fail to understand why his account was suddenly deactivated, I find it hard to believe that this was done at his own request. Having checked back I could not find any improprity in his recent postings and surely that is where any of us should be judged. I for one feel that George's seemingly endless ability to drag up information could only be regarded as an asset. Surely in the intrests of openess the members do deserve some form of explanation.

Regards Geoff.​

P.S. Can I also add, I have never met George Telford, all I know of him is from postings on this and other forums, this also applies to any one else on here. I do not have any axe to grind, but do find this apparent secrecy slightly disturbing. This is not an attack on anybody but as the question was raised by someone else it must be of concern to others and therefore bringing it into the open can only be of benefit.

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Jul 19, 2007
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My PM inbox has been filling up with questions about Georges disappearance so I thought I would offer an explanation here. Last Saturday George's private life spilled over onto this site and really left me no choice but to de-activate his account. Those who saw this exchange between 3 members, before I could delete it, will agree with me that it had no place on a motorhome forum.

Contrary to common belief Georges leaving had absolutely nothing to do with the recent debates about Gas or "A" frames, or any other of his well researched (and well worn) favourite debates. Nor did GT's leaving have anything to do with Road Runner who was not banned, but chose to leave this site, rather than do the sensible thing and ignore a thread that clearly upset him.

Please be assured that I did not take the decision to ban George lightly and I for one will miss the intelligence and common sense he brought to a debate. This issue and this thread is now closed. Thanks.
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