Waxing an RV

Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by zippymatt, Sep 3, 2010.

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    Can anyone help, my dad has an Rv and he wants to wax it but doesn't know which wax is best to buy or what buffer to get as its a bit big to do by hand can anyone give any advice.

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    You can use either a high resin polish such as autoglym, or a specialist boat polish. There are caravan polishes, but they are over priced and the same thing!

    As for a buffer, you really need a proffessional one rather than the twin handle rubbish that you see for sale. The twin handle ones are safe as they are slow and pretty useless, the proffession ones need a little more care to stop you burning through the paint but will do the job faster and to much higher standard. You only need to buff seasonally - if you want one just to remove wax, go for the cheap, slow one.

    Once you have buffed with a pro machine, you only need to wax once a month or so to keep it in new condition. It will be much easier to wax as it will retain it's shine, and much qwuicker to do by hand. Waxing a motorhome top to tail should take no more than an hour by hand, once up to standard - whereas when bad it can take all day!

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