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    Near Truro, Cornwall
    Sue and I are making our way down through France and Spain to join the C&CC tour of Morocco in October. Spent the first 10 days in familiar territory (st Jean De Monts, then Ile D'Oleron, then st Jean De Luz) but have used Acsi sites in Spain, first at Alejar, now Aranjuez. Alejar site was in the woods and about as level as a drunk on a high wire. Doubt we will go there again, but Aranjuez isa different class:30 deg heat, level pitches and good music in the background......not the concerto though, it's Elvis!

    This is our first time in Spain and the roadshave been quiet, fast and relatively cheap. Might have to come

    Tuesday we head for Granada; any tips for a site?

    Just changed my mind about the music;they are playing Viva Espana!:BigGrin:

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