Visiting The Black Isle?

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  1. Photo4x4


    Jul 26, 2014
    Scottish Highlands
    Here is a bit of information for anyone planning a visit to The Black Isle following our day out there yesterday. I hope you find it useful.

    Chanonry Point: Hotspot for dolphin watching. Useful website. Yes it is undoubtedly a great place to watch dolphins - if you can manage to park there! The parking area is very restricted and has fairly recently been re-organised which has left it almost impossible to park a motorhome (even smaller ones). The bays are 'car sized' and the only place we could see to park a MH was at the very far end next to the barriers. There was a MH parked there but I would imagine that they would have had great difficulty getting out. We had to navigate the 'island' at the carpark and drive out again. I spoke to a fellow motor homer whilst at Cromarty who had a small 2 berth MH and he told me that he was there the previous Sunday and having managed to squeeze in then got blocked in and accidentally damaged his MH by scraping against a post whilst trying to get out!

    A solution may be to arrive VERY early and prepared to stay for the day, get in one of the spaces at the far end of the car park by the fence/barrier posts. At least here you should not be obstructing other vehicles. See attached Google Maps picture, this was done before the 'upgrade' of the car park but the layout is much the same. You could alternatively park somewhere in Fortrose and make the couple of mile walk down to the point, or visit out of season!
    Chanonry Map.jpg

    Cromarty: Small town/village on the Cromarty Firth. Useful Website.
    Cromarty is a charming little town (or large village) with some lovely shops and cafes and pubs and museums. In the words of our friends from the USA it is 'quaint', and is really nice to amble around and look at the cottages and historic buildings. There are also a couple of nice walks along the bay or onto the top of the South Sutor.

    Please read the sign at the entrance to the links as it has a few simple requests to help make your stay 'responsible'. When we were there up to 10 motorhomes were parked up and ONLY one was parked in the restricted area at the front. There were however quite a few car drivers who ignored the parking request! :mad: Of course we know what will happen if people abuse this FREE facility - the gates will be permanently locked. Praise is due to the local Community Council for their foresight in encouraging visitors as we and no doubt many of the other motorhomers spent some cash in the local shops (take not all you seaside town in East Yorkshire who put height barriers on your car parks).
    P1050514 copy.jpg

    Cromarty parking.jpg

    Avoch (pronounced Och): Little village with harbour and great fish and chip shop! Useful website. On the road between Fortrose and Cromarty with nice harbour. There is parking at the harbour and public toilets. No overnight parking is allowed but it is a great place to stop for a wander around the harbour and there are also walks along the coast.

    Avoch Chippy is truly excellent and if you don't want to eat in your motorhome there are picnic benches on the grassed area adjacent to the harbour and chippy.

    P1050534 copy.jpg

    Hopefully some of you will find this useful.

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  2. DBK

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    Jan 9, 2013
    Plympton, Devon
    That's a blow. There is a campsite on the point CC or C&CC, can't remember which, but still a good walk from there to the point.
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  3. Bobby22

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    Dec 15, 2013
    Best not to take your MH to the point at the weekend. Single track approach road becomes very busy and difficult top pass in and out.

    Go mid week and park in the gap on the roundabout ( where the icecream van parks w/e's
    Get there when the tide is at its fullest for the best chance to see dolphins playing.

    C&CC club site at Rosemarkie
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  4. DavidG58

    DavidG58 Funster

    Feb 24, 2013
    Bolsover, Derbyshire
    @Bobby22 that's interesting, all the guides say the 2 hours after low water are best?

    we have turned up randomly when in area and so far always seen some dolphins

    but now worried about the traffic issues, planning on going there next week with 2 MH's, but it will be mid morning hopefully before the crowds
  5. adt

    adt Funster

    Mar 28, 2016
    Thanks for the info - we are intending to visit some of our old haunts from when I was at RAF Kinloss next year.
    We used to visit Cromarty a lot, as we loved it around there. Park up and walk for the day using one of the tea rooms on the way back.
  6. andy63

    andy63 Funster

    Jan 19, 2014
    south shields
    An alternatime way to see the dolphin's would be a boat trip out of Avoch. . Easier park up and an enjoyable trip..
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  7. themogs

    themogs Funster

    Oct 23, 2012
    Don't forget BLACK ISLE BREWERY !!!:LOL::LOL::LOL:
    Really good brew(y)(y)(y)
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  8. wigster

    wigster Funster

    Feb 4, 2016
    Not lost but not far off
    Tarbat discovery centre worth a visit fascinating museum about ancient Scotland , only 3.50 each and stay overnight in car park , i say car park but its in the middle of countryside . 2 mh spaces and really peaceful.
    Short walk to lovely beach at Portmahomack and views you couldn't imagine (y)
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