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Jul 27, 2007
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I thought that this pricey kit had popped its clogs in keeping with the host of hassles we had had with the Adria when it just stopped working en route home from the Derbyshire Dales recently, but after a bit of trouble shooting, discovered the GPS antenna (cable with box thingy on the end with a bit of circuitry in it) was actually the offending item.....whew. I thought. Until I tried to route another antenna under the Renault Master dashboard :Mad:

Managed to clip out the paper holder and do a temp job that way; its not an option to go back to Kent for the fitter to do it (at least he sent me the new antenna) and I discovered the VDO Dayton computer units are guaranteed for 2 years, which I suppose is a good thing. Mind you, it isn't all that useful for campsites as the TeleAtlas software its using doesn't seem to take postcodes. My Audi S8 has a factory unit using TeleAtlas software which DOES take postcodes so its all a bit odd, given that your £200 portables can often do that these days as well.

Anyone have any idea how to get the antenna routed neatly and unseen under the dashboard without dismantling the motorhome? :Confused:


In atypical fashion, Siemens Germany who own VDO Dayton, made a recent chaotic move by sending out Navteq updates to VDO Dayton owners with TeleAtlas units - if you have a VDO Dayton Unit and the updates aren't working, its probably because you have the incorrect software. So much for Teutonic precision.....

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