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    When I bought my Smart from a local garage, they applied for the car to be registered in my name. Having waited 5 weeks for the V5 I called the DVLA. They informed me that they had not received the said document and as I had the Green part of the original V5, send it off with a V62(?) and they will issue the document to me. That was 6 weeks ago! I rang them today as I had not received the document only to be told that as I had applied via a V62(?), they had to contact the previous owner and ask if they sold the vehicle and who to. They then issue the V5 if all is well. As a footnote, the chap said that if they did not receive a reply to their enquiry then they would still issue the form!!:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: Makes one wonder!!! :Eeek:

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