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    Some may be aware of our sister site RVOC.. members that own an RV often belong to both MHF and the RVOC. There is much banter and rivalry between marquees .. Winnebago owners are often given much stick by others owners.. but in recent times by Fleetwood owners.. no names, no pack drill as they say.

    Today, I sat and watched (and yes I have the pictures) as two RV's were unceremoniously towed off by site tractors. one being 18 tons and a Fleetwood Revolution LE ::bigsmile:::bigsmile:

    The other was a fleetwood Bounder. .... Boy you should see the furrows left by the wheels of the bigger RV.. mind you the Bounty left some as well.... but the bit I enjoyed most was the Tractor driver giving his mate... there were three tractors in attendance.. his camera and said got to get a picture of the Winnebago I am towing off... As I said to his mate.. that is not a Winnebago... it is a Fleetwood....

    I rest my case:RollEyes::RollEyes:

    But to be fair to the owner.. the gound is real bad now and I am not even sure how I with a Winnebago will get off on Monday... the two Fleetwood's did a bunk to join in parking with another unnamed American owners club... perhaps MHF is not good enough anymore:Blush:

    Never mind still some RV's here and a fair number of Europeans... All pitching in helping each other.


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