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    If some have been reading my thread about getting another Smart car you'll note that I mentioned that the software on our current TomTom units doesn't do full postcode plotting now, only the first part of the postcode, which became a major problem when we went to pick-up the Smart in rural Wales where a lot of the road names seem to start with Ll etc.

    Anyway after making it 'known' to hubby that I wasn't happy with this (especially since it meant we'd had to have a 30 minute 'mystery tour' to get where we needed) so he's been looking into how to sort it out and came across the below. He's tried it on our units and its worked a treat! Ya(y)(y)(y)!!! (y)

    If you have got some of the latest versions of TomTom software from recent updates and it now only accepts the first few digits of the postcode for UK mapping you can fix this on pre 2010 satnavs (ie those based on Microsoft Fat 32 system) so that it will allow you to do full postcode plotting.

    Note: As TomTom machines from 2010 onwards are based on Linux you cannot link the machine directly to your pc and copy files directly.

    To apply the 'fix' just follow the below instructions (it's an official TomTom download so nothing to worry about!):

    Download the zipped file in the following link:​

    • Extract the contents of the zipped file
    • Connect your TomTom to your PC
    • Locate and open the first folder called ‘zip’
    • Within it you'll find a second folder also called 'zip'
    • Copy the second 'zip' folder to the ROOT of your TomTom (ie where all your other folders are in the unit)
    You may find files in the compressed zip file for The Netherlands and Singapore, as well as UK.
    • Now disconnect your TomTom and you will have full postcode search, you can update this file when needed for free from TomTom on the above link.
    Any problems let me know and I'll ask hubby.:)

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