Ticks and Frontline

Discussion in 'Pets' started by Chas17, Sep 1, 2012.

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    A bit of information that may be useful.

    We have just returned from our trip to Norway via the Dunkirk/Dover Ferry. It was our Lab's first trip overseas and apart from the fact that she came into season for the first time just before leaving home and a couple of ticks in Norway it went mostly OK.

    For her pre return tapeworm treatment we went to the vet in Ghyveldte just north of Dunkirk. She administered our pill in our piece of cheddar but insisted that tick treatment was still necessary. I was pretty sure it wasn't but bowed to her superior knowledge and on the basis that it wouldn't do her any harm Poppy duly got a squirt of Frontline. Total cost €35.

    However, a week later, now at home, I noticed that there was blood in her fur where the Frontline had been applied. She had a raw bleeding patch about the size of a 50p piece which has required a visit to the vet with steroid and antibiotic injections.

    5 days later it is healing nicely but was obviously not a great experience for her.

    A search of the internet reveals that although we had not heard of it before this reaction is apparently not uncommon.</SPAN>
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    Thanks for that, we very rarely us frontline but do notice that our dogs do suffer a little itching sometimes after application:Sad:
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    living the dream.
    I've used frontline for years and this year used frontline combo for the first time with no ill effects.
    I appreciate that some dogs might get an allergic reaction to any chemicals in these products but luckily Susie is ok.
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    just going to do Ezzie today

    We have to use 2 of the units at one time.. one shoulders and one rump .. Ezzie is 80 kgs + costs us a fortune.

    She was eating her rump this morning.. all wet.. so it is de flea time again.

    We only pay €21 at Amiens for the vet and he supplies all that is needed.. have posted his details on here many times, and a lot of Brits now use him. A another vet recently wanted €65 to do the same...


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