The French Breath test kit needed in France June / July

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    I have just been down to our local Car Accessory shop (in France) "FEU VERT" and purchased 4 breath test kits......" L'ETHYLOTEST".....LE BALLON....ready for when the French law comes into force.......2 for our car....... and 2 for the motorhome, ....the reason two Kits have been purchased for each vehicle are, one test kit would be used when stopped at the roadside and other test kit would allow you to carry on your journey, as it is law you must have the breath kit on board and available at all times:Doh:.....

    The price I have paid for 1 test kit.....1.25 euros.....(5 euros for the 4 kits)
    The kit is in a sealed packet and valid till ...04/2014
    NF mark is on the packet .....with the web site

    I have put a photo on for you, I thought you might like to see what the test kit look like.:winky:

    Packet size 5.5" X 2.3" x 1/2"...(140mm X 60mm X 12mm )
    There will be other similar test kits


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