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Jul 19, 2007
Sutton on Sea, UK
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Blog and Social Networking

I know that I promised a blog feature, but the system I want to use has just had its release date put back a little, so I would imagine it will be at least six weeks. :frowny: But it will be the very best blog software that money can buy and the feature list makes it worth waiting for, these features include...

Blogs can be made private, with blog authors themselves able to create a list of users permitted to view their messages, The Blog will add social networking functionality which will allow us to quickly and safely make connections and form virtual relationships. Any of you who have teenage children will know how popular and addictive this social networking can become, the reason it is popular is because it is fun. Member profile pages are extended to include an enhanced buddy system, visitor tracking, blog integration and a comment system, all housed within your own profile page. Sounds brilliant, shame we have to wait:frowny:
But it will be great when we get it::bigsmile:

Thank you for your patience:roflmto:

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