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Jan 16, 2008
West Midlands
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Hi - wondering if anyone could help me.
We've just bought a Bessacarr E765 (220) which if I read the spec has a coaxial connection, forgot to check that one in the excitement of the purchase!!!! Not picking it up for another couple of weeks so OH is calling the dealer later today to check.
Our plans are to spend 6 months- from June- driving around France, Italy and Spain.
The origional plan was to go back to basics without a television but my OH has now realised there's a fair amount of sport on over the summer which he much watch at least some of otherwise he will self combust (or something equally tragic as that !!)
I realise that to view British TV in europe we will have to have satellite system. What I want to know is :
- the best size dish for reception in southern Italy and France
- what other bits and pieces we'll need to connect
- the best priced system
We don't mind spending the money but as it has been a bit of a last minute decision it wasn't quite in the origional budget.
Hope someone can help me.
We are leaving the UK on 16th June- Waheeeeey!!!!

That is atually a Bessacarr E765 (2002)...ooops

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