Sweet Thai Salmon cakes

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    Ok this recipe is not hard and fast.......

    Equal quants of Fresh salmon fillet and Sweet Potatoes Approx 500g - 700g of each
    Huge handful of fresh chopped coriander
    1 small teaspoon salt
    Juice of 1 lime (warm ie. microwaved yeilds more juice than a cold lime)
    half teaspoon of chili pepper, or white or black pepper or a bit of fresh chopped chili

    Boil chopped spud for 15 mins and then mash. Set aside.
    Take salmon fillet and place in small pan. Pour over boiling water. Leave for half hour.
    Chop coriander and place in large bowl with lime juice and any seasoning... Put squeezed lime segments in pan with salmon. (kills the fish smell)
    When salmon is cooked, drain, throw away lime segments, and flake fish into seasoned lime juice mix. It is easy to use your hands for this.
    Add mashed spud.

    Place in fridge for an hour.

    Take out, form into patties with a little flour on outside, and fry for a min or so each side to brown. Then place in oven for 20 mins to heat through. Or you can cook through by frying, but don't burn outside!

    Serve with salad.

    NB. you can substitute any amount of sweet potato for white potato.
    you can also substitute any firm fish for the salmon.... eg cod, chopped prawns, tuna etc

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