stop over site close to Calais 15miles west Tardinghem

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    Oct 7, 2008
    Hi just come back home from 6 days away (home in FRANCE)
    I have been meaning to put this site up on may be what some are looking for as a stop over coming to France or returning back to the UK....It is 25km (16miles) from the ferry Terminal and even closer to the tunnel, if you are travelling along the A16 motorway south...(I think is junction 36 you turn off the motorway? ) then it only about 5 miles to the site…. it is West of Calais..a place called TARDINGHEN..Lat…N50’51.771’ E001’38.955’..don't be put off with the pictures of the barn both nice sites are smashing and they take dogs, (the site is at the back of the barn the picture shows the front where motorhomes are emptying and filling with water)

    The farmer is very chatty and very helpful
    There are two sites that I know of but the Farmer say's there is another one.
    the one at the Farm is at the back of the large barn on grass with a nice view and walks down the grassy lane to the wood.....its takes around 10 to 12 vans ...5 Euros a night and that includes water drinking......grey water disposal....and WC toilet disposal.....there is wifi but you have to sit on a plastic bench outside the farmers back door for connection.....there is also electric extension cables to connect to and that is 3 Euros per night (24hours).......the other site is about half a mile away on the top of a hill beautiful views across the channel on cut grass with a gravel road going around in a circle would take about 100 vans............I have been a quite a few times and the most I have seen are 11 vans in the evening, with a empty site in the day!!!!! You get a few Belgium, German, and Netherlands vans on but I have never seen any Brits on ....I have just come back from there 6 days middle of August French holiday time and the site is empty.
    Yes it would take RVs but the road is on the narrow side two way traffic for about last 1.5 miles ...but large tractors with long large trailers are going up and down ok.

    On the top field (we think is the best site) smashing views all the way round, and of course of Dover and the ferries, it is the same price 5 Euros ...but you have to go down to the farm for water ...WC ..Etc,
    The farmer collects the money on both sites at around 9.00pm in the evening....
    Both sites the bread van calls around 8.30am to 9.00am in the morning
    Hope this is of some help
    From Mel in France……… Bon Voyage
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