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    Dec 2, 2009
    We were in Ireland in May ( heat wave wonderful) we did not wild camp, but when we arrived in Rossis Point Sligo and we got on site I noticed wild campers on the grass part of the car Park Leading to the Beaches there were loads of them Motor homes and tents I saw someone with the same year motor home as my self I was having problems ( thats another story ) L/B died.
    But in the main I was asking about the wild camping there if they ever had any problems as I had seen the police drive around. and I had never thought of wild camping there he said no they come drive around as long as nothing is amiss they just go out again. There were quite a few surfers , divers, there was no noise and we only had a fence between us which we used to climb through to walk the dogs on the beach. and that area is on grass but sand unter it so is solid. and it is a level as any pitch on the campsite trust me on that! So if you are going over that way beautiful beaches public toilet's as well and the rubbish was left by the day trippers not the campers but there is a man out first thing in the mornings cleaning up the place is as good as new by 9 am or 10 .Ann

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