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Sep 6, 2014
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Hymer ML I 580
4 years
We went to the west country on Monday stopping off at the Jurassic Coast for a bit the on Tuesday night we went on to Dartmoor for a bit of light star watching in the Dark area on the top passed the Military training area at Okehampton. Real Wild parking in fact it was dark and clear with little cloud and a wonderful vista of the sky.
HOWEVER after we went to bed it got noisy and blustery with what sounded like heavy rain/sleet after a bit I peeked out of the window and got the shock of my life 2" of blowing snow with flakes the size of 1p s Id id not fancy being stuck up there in a blizzard that might continue so I jumped over and started up , drove back onto the hard road, (nice to have twin rear wheels) which has nearly gone under the snow and made my way down trying to keep on the hard surfaces until we had got to the camp gates 2 miles down hill where it has turned to sleet and rain. We stopped there for the night and in the morning light the tops where we had been were covered in snow and very thick cloud.
Glad we got out of there then, but the Wifey, did not believe me and refused to stick her head out of the bag whilst this was all going on accusing me of vivid imagination.


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Mar 12, 2012
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woke up to this this morning after 18hrs of snow fall and they say more to come,Regards Alf
today after snow fall yesterday 28,3 15 001.JPG

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