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    As my original installation of the Snipe 2 in June this year went smoothly and it worked "out of the box", I decided at the time to enjoy using it for a while before attempting to upgrade the controller software to the latest version.

    Today I decided to bite the bullet and went to the manfacturer download page at to download the required instructions and software.

    The Snipe 2 uses what they call a "type C" controller and the steps for upgrading this model are almost at the end of the document.

    Having followed the instructions, it all seemed to go as expected and my software in the controller has now gone from version 15126 to 16082. Regrettably the manufacturer seems to supply no details of what has changed or why it is advantageous to upgrade.

    My own observations are that the later software provides far more messages and improved diagnostic information on the screen, but so far I have no noticed any significant changes in the operation.

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