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Discussion in 'Continental Touring' started by sheri, May 4, 2009.

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    Having motorhomed in France and Italy for many years we fancy a few weeks on the Costa Brava in May/June. However, we have been put off because all the sites on the Internet seem huge and expensive. We would like to be as near to a beach as possible. Am I looking for the impossible when I would like a quiet site with basic facilities ? Any help much appreciated.
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    Most of the sites on the Costa Brava are huge, they have a really small season and like to cram as many in as possible. They are getting increasingly expensive. We have been to Las Dunas a few times. Its big, no its massive, but its well designed so you never feel that you are amongst so many, well maybe you do in the morning bread queue. :BigGrin: But the prices have shot through the roof. Coupled with a weak pound and a strong Euro you just would not want to stay there in anything but low season, and even then:Eeek:

    Look at the price list below, and work out what it would cost us, My eldest this year would be charged as an adult, so the motorhome, 3 adults, 2 kids and a dog the first two weeks of August. Do the maths :Eeek:
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    Luv the fact that it costs more per night for the dog than the kids - yep, they've got their priorities right. :thumb:
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    Small Sites....

    I don't know if you've been, but next door to Las Dunas is a site called Camping Las Palmeras. . We've stayed there quite a few years now and it's got to be the cleanest foreign site we've ever stayed on, (the "lady co-owner" is very strict with the cleaning staff, even supervises the dusting of the outside water point roof tiles!) very friendly, and very reasonable bar / restaurant on site. The local town's a bit scruffy. but they've got a reasonable restaurant or two there too. I know the Euro's crap at the moment, but valuewise I'd rather spend a few bob more and get the service and clean loo's than stop on a grot site with typhoid. :thumb:
    P.S. we've stayed on the Las Dunas site too. The front pitches on the beach are great. They've even got their own toilet and wash room per pitch.

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