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Jun 6, 2022
Bottesford, Scunthorpe, UK
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We have just been up to Scarborough for the Northern Soul weekender, as it was a last minute decision we went off grid, first night we stopped in the Alpamare/Premier Inn car carpark, a 24 hour ticket is £6 but its free after 7pm till 8am so didn't bother 24, was OK nice and level but the pump/motor running in the Alpamare water park was a constant drone, we were joined by about 12 more campervan/Motorhomes by the time the night was in, we had had enough of the droning though so next night we went down North bay sea front as we noticed a few folks down there as we went past in taxi, the good thing about down there is the council have built a toilet block with a black waste disposal point on it, so we pitched up there last night close to it with another couple who were in their camper going to the weekender as well, when we got up this morning there must of been nigh on 40 campervan/Motorhomes parked up around the bay, we parked sideways on in the bays (7.4 metre) as did a lot of others again free after 6pm till 9am but strangely a £7 per 24 hour charge listed so we just paid up to 6pm and were up by 9am.
It's nice to see a council with vision and provide the toilets/waste point and not too fussed on the parking - all custom is good custom(ers) although I would think they may tighten up on the parking in peak season.


Aug 14, 2009
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When was Scarborough on the road to Damascus?

It doesn't seem that long ago that the words, 'Scarborough' and 'motorhome friendly' were so far apart
the Hubble telescope wouldn't see them.

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