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We are thinking of going to Sardinia next year any tips about ferries, best time to visit, wild camping etc.


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May 12, 2008
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We are thinking of going to Sardinia next year any tips about ferries, best time to visit, wild camping etc.

We went last April/May. It took us a couple of weeks to drive slowly around the island. The sea was warm enough to swim in [for the british]. We only saw a few sites that were open and most had only cold showers [one warden said that there was no call for hot showers in the season]. Wild camping was tolerated but police talked to us twice - once about an illegal washing line and then because we had our side step out. So you can overnight park where you like as long as it does not look like you are camping. We got the feeling that it would be VERY busy in July/August on the island. Also very few people spoke English so take an Italian phrase book. We ferried from Lavorno and we were heading for Corsica but the ferries were all full so tried Sardinia instead, it cost about £250 return to Bastia and took 8 hours plus.

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Don't hesitate...

...go! We spent two excellent weeks in 2008 traveling around the island coast (two weeks is enough... but there is much more to see, you could easily spend a month. Still hot in mid September (it's a long way south) any hotter and we would have hated it, air conditioning could only just cope, and some campsites didn't have enough power for it. The ferry was struggle both ways, Genoa port is classic Italian chaos, we were there in plenty of time but still missed our booked ferry. Out of season it was easy to get the next one, just an hour later, but you must allow a lot of time to orient yourself to the ferry terminal. Just because a queueing lane says Tangiers/Tunisia, doesn't mean it's not for Sardinia! On the way back we hit a fully booked day, struggled to get on a boat to Piombino (excellent for touring Tuscany) and it was packed with unhappy travelers and a few rude staff. But once you're there, it's just wonderful. Refreshingly primitive, it's ideal for a self sufficient motorhome. The high spots for us: Arbatax (Camping Telis, beautiful location, excellent restaurant) Cagliari (city centre motorhome park at Via Caboni, pricey, but just a walk to the city centre) Calasetta (beautiful beach campsite, ferry to Carloforte fishing port, must see) Torre di Flumentorgiu (informal camping in beach car park 8EUR, massive, breathtaking dunes, bright beach scene, endless sand) Villagio Porticiolo (resort site with it's own bay, beach and Genoese Tower, nearby nature reserve, spectacular coast and caves) we parked up in Santa Teresa Galluria and took the ferry to Bonifacio, Corsica for a wonderful weekend... and last and best,San Teodoro (perfect mix of everything; beaches, nature, restaurants, bars, markets, people of every age mixing happily). We wild-camped twice without any problem. Camper service stops are quite well signposted and numerous. The roads are average to good (much better than Corsica). The scenery is very varied, beaches are huge. We didn't spend much time in the real tourist areas (Costa Smerelda, Alghero) but if you like that sort of thing, it looks like they do it well. People are genuinely friendly and relaxed. Language is no big deal, they have a confusing collection of Italian, Sardinian, even Catalan and 16th century Genoese, but if you can read an Italian menu, and you are open and friendly, you'll have fun communicating with people. Food is good to great. Sardinian beer is very drinkable, wine is really excellent. Living is not cheap, but not really expensive. Don't hesitate, go!


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Don't hesitate, go!

Thanks for that info Gubba, I spent a month or so there 30 years ago. I preferred the North, and ended up renting a small house in Santa Teresa Gallura, absolutely wonderful. The North did have a very rustic primitive charm. Plenty going on in the village squares, even inter-village boxing competitions, with a large boxing ring and plenty of drinking and cheering on the boxers. I loved the place, and now you'v got me thinking about a return:Smile:

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