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Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by alan.watson, Mar 1, 2010.

  1. alan.watson


    Sep 21, 2009
    We had reason to visit Salisbury yesterday (Sunday Evening 28th February) and booked Alderbury Park Camping (Southampton Road) for our Motorhome.

    Paid top whack (£16.00 for Waterlogged Hardstanding) and this is the rate throughout the year - no low season rate !!

    Gents Toilets (2) - Both Blocked. Urinal only accessible to the very and I mean very thinnest of people.
    Gents Showers (2) - One out of Order - One I just would not use !
    Ladies Facilities - I could not tell you the quality of these as the key code which was given to us on arrival did not work. No-one available on site to do anything about this when we found this out late at night - so no access to these !!. Again in the morning no-one on site to rectify this for us.
    Toilet Block General - This was once again a very cold night and the Facility was left with all the windows open and hence no warmth whatsoever. Lucky as I would not use the facility in any event - but what a disgrace.

    Ignore the pictures on the Web Site - the Site is full of broken down / makeshift temporary homes - Horse Boxes and even a Double Decker Bus which clearly hasnt moved anywhere for many years.

    We will not return to that site.

  2. marrod23

    marrod23 Funster

    Sep 14, 2009
    uffculm mid devon
    Hi Alan thats good could do with more reports like that shame you put 16 quid in there pockets happy travels Rod:Doh:
  3. Doodlebug


    Jan 28, 2010
    We went to that very site last easter, it was a last minute booking and was the only place we and our friends could get into and be next to each other.

    Bearing in mind it was easter the male toilets were closed for refurbishment. and we were told we could use the ladies at cetain times of the day.:Doh: Although they did open later in the weekend. I know what you mean about the urinal it did make us laugh as we squeezed into it.

    The end where the black double decker bus is had a few long timers staying there and some real characters, the area is affectionally known as "Beirut" by some of the regulars.

    Well it was an experience and we did enjoy ourselves, we always say our breaks are what you make it. Would we return, not on our own but with a crowd maybe.

  4. SwanseaJackold


    Mar 7, 2009
    Stayed there last summer for the weekend and never again!! Chap next door said the loos had been refurbished!! They were awful even my DIY would have been better. Owner drove around on his quad and trailer all weekend and never even emptied the bins once!! Did see him go into the loos with a bucket but not sure exactly what he did!!

    Bus and others were there and felt a bit uneasy leaving the van. All okay though and thought Salisbury a lovely place.


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