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Discussion in 'The Beginner' started by rvtogo, May 5, 2009.

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    We are nearing retirement and live in New Zealand. A RV/Motorhome purchase is on our agenda to enable us to spend some time on the road in NZ over the next year or so. However our ultimate intention is to spend some time exploring other areas of the globe also. So we are keen to use our investment in our RV to travel elsewhere and like the idea of an RV exchange. Has anyone done this? - and can someone give us dome advice if it is practical or not? Thanks!
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    Try www.rvworldwide.com

    I have a listing on that website and have found it great. I have arranged an exchange and looking at more. I notice that it is also free at present. Exciting travels.
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    St Neots
    How did you arrange insurance cover both in the k for them and in NZ for you?
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    Hi. Well we have not yet purchased a Motorhome however I have spoken to a few insurance companies in New Zealand and most are able to add other drivers (Subject to License, letter from own insurance company etc) to a policy for a limited period of time for not too much more $$. Excess seems to increase a little though in some cases which would need an agreement with the other party to cover this. Maybe a bond is a good idea. It should be similar elsewhere I think. I have looked at www.rvworldwide.com and will list there when we have arranged a purchase. We are delaying it a little at present because the NZ dollar has gone up a lot against Sterling so motorhomes should come down in price a little here - hopefully. Or maybe it would be a great time to travel to U.K. now and buy one there and take back to NZ. Anyone got any thoughts on this? Thanks.
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    Here in the UK we have one of the most uncooperative insurance systems in the world:Doh: all policeis exclude all forms of hire or reward, and that would include exchanges
    Adding non uk licnence holders is a nightmare if not impossible in most cases and a policy aimed at exchanges and forien drivers would be very expensive if you could find one
    It seems easyier if you are linked to a comercial venture wherby in effect you let them hire out your vehicle

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