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Discussion in 'Photo Editing' started by olley, Aug 26, 2010.

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    Jul 29, 2007
    After reading that some posters were having trouble resizing and uploading photo's I thought I would explain how I upload direct from my computor.

    First to resize the photo I use pixresizer from bluefive here: its free and is easy to use.

    Download and double click the zip file, its safe so if any antivirus or other program asks if you want to load it say yes, when its finished click the pixresizer icon on your screen and this will come up.


    Click the load button at the top and navigate to your picture, click on it and then click the "open" button, if you have done it right your picture will appear in pixresizer. Now click the "Save" button bottom left, and save it, I usually save it to my desktop as that's easy to find. That's it your picture will now be less than 100kb, the original is unaffected by this.

    Now to add the picture to a post. After clicking "Post a reply" scroll down until you see "additional options" on the left, under this you will see "Manage attachments" click this, in the new box click "choose file" navigate to your picture, click it and then click the "open" button this will return you to the box, where you MUST click the "Upload" button, then click close this screen just above unless you want to load another picture, and that's it.

    Must be easy cause I can do it. ::bigsmile:


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