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Jan 18, 2008
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Currently have a 1992 Fiat Ducato Swift Capri 520 GXL. We have had this for about a year and it is our first motorhome. As seems usual reading a lot of the threads, we did not get her properly checked prior to buying. We have a couple of areas of damp and a couple of leaks in the wardrobe/toilet area.
This is not bothering us too much, however would it be OK to just put new sealant over all the main seals without removing the old stuff or will this just cause us more problems in the future.
Have spoken to our local dealer (Knowepark in Livington) and they are quoting about 3 to 4 thousand to get it fixed, saying that all the old sealant will have to be removed.
We are planning to upgrade in a couple of years.

Any help and advice would be most grateful.


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Jul 22, 2007
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While removing all the old rails and trims is the best practice it is not always practical financialy on older vans. Give the van a real good clean and remove all old sealant that is visible before attempting to do a full overseal , best using a Translucent (clear) silicone I always use products made by Dow Corning. You only want a small nozzle approx. 3-4mm in diameter. If you are not experienced in using a mastic gun then you could always run masking tape close to the edge of of the rails apply, sealant and using your finger (wet) run along , remove masking tape and you should have a nice neat joint :winky: Would,nt advise sealing with Sikaflex , if you had to remove any trim for any reason it would be a right bugger to get off :ROFLMAO:
Best done sooner rather than later if your getting water ingress in your vehicle , advise to have a damp check before carrying out the work then another say in 3 -6 months so you can monitor damp in your van. Local engineer should charge approx. £160 - £200 to carry out the work .

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