Replacement For Tom-tom One?

Discussion in 'GPS Navigation' started by yellabelly, Jul 2, 2015.

  1. yellabelly


    Feb 19, 2015
    Lincoln area
    We currently use a Tom-Tom One IQ which we'v had for 5 years or so with only a recent map update.

    Generally still pleased with it but have a few issues that `i thought you may be able to advise on, maybe your sat-nav is better?

    1. tendency for sat-nav to take "shortcuts" that take us into housing estates or around very minor sections of road to cut off maybe a few hundred metres. I'd like to be able to control/avoid this.

    2. we can set to avoid toll-roads, but can't choose non-motorway routes if they are not toll roads, means we have to constantly change destination in short sections, and then ignore "her" constant attempts to get us back on the motorway.

    3. I use sat-nav as a digital speedo, but the text size is really too small, and speed is not dominant enough in display, I might be tempted to a larger display, or to a unit that gave me some control over this.

    Maybe time to replace it; have Tom-Tom improved their units, or do we move on?

    I haven't looked at the "Chinese Truck Sat-nav" is there plenty of info on features etc?

    Appreciate that at the price it may be a suck and see job?

    Next major trip probably next year now, but a few short ones to get used to a new sat-nav could be justified,

    thanks in anticipation,


    alan b
  2. GJH

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    Aug 20, 2007
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    For what it's worth, my experiences of various sat navs in our vans are documented Here.
  3. Taran_Las

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    I'm currently in France using a TT1IQ (with the IQ turned off) and a Chinese truck sat nav. For motorhome navigation the Chinese device beats the TTIQ hands down. Non of the annoying shortcuts. Set up properly, the Chinese sat nav considers my van to be a truck and uses bypasses wherever possible. Many more useful features than the TomTom. The TomTom is used as a backup. AFAIK the truck sat nav is a much better device than the tomtom. But the Tomtom is fine for my car.
    Hope this helps.:)
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