Renault trafic leasure Battery location and fitting

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    Feb 13, 2015
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    Further to my earlier post re : Zig unit draining Van battery. Any one have a 'How to guide' on fitting a leisure battery including location and securing bracket and wiring to above 'van?

    Thanks in advance
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    Jul 25, 2007
    I found this guide for a Bongo which shows how to do the wiring.. common to most vans.. how and where you fit the 2nd battery will depend on where you have space.. under the passenger or driver seat is favourite or in a purpose built locker.. it mustn't be in the gas locker.. if fitting under the seat ensure you buy a battery with a vent tube which should be routed outside the van..
    securing the battery should be straight forward using a piece of angle iron or aluminum and a pair of long J bolts.. look at other panel vans for ideas.

    However, in saying all that if you are in any doubt please seek advice and or help from someone who is a competent auto electrician.. .

    Not implying you are , but don't tackle this if you don't understand the wiring and or aren't skilled in making off electrical tails and connections.. get it wrong and it's could be fatal.. electrical fires can be devastating..
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