Red Powder Fire extinguishers

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    Its been a year or so since I posted warnings about this type of fire fighter
    Prompted by another post I thought it time it was aired once again:thumb:

    Powder tpe extinguishers are notorious for failing in use
    ESPECIALY in Motor Vehicle enviroments:Doh:
    The reason for this is simple,
    Constant vibration compacts the powder to an almost solid block of chalk,So when the trigger is pulled all you get is a whoosh and no powder
    Secondly after you have fired of a powder type that worked,you will wish you had let it burn when you see the mess you have to clear up.
    even a very small fire will turn into a major clean up operation after use of a powder fire fighter
    The best type in my honest opinion is the HALON Gas Type
    NOW Illegal to use for enviroment reasons
    It would appear Im not the only one with that opinion as certain government departments, Police,Armed forces, Aviation and Naval establishment have been granted exclusion from the new rules and can still use the (Normally Green) gas types:Doh:
    There are eviromentally friendly altenative gas types out there, just Google for the alternatives, and save yourself a major clean up for a burnt slice of toast:Eeek:

    How to test your Powder type if you have one

    Remove from its bracket or cupboard, shake for a few seconds and then tilt legnth ways in both directions,
    You should feel the contents sliding up and down the unit, turn upside down and back again, and again feel the powder sliding/falling to the ends, if you feel nothing or feel a clunk BIN IT do this at least two or three times a year and you just may keep your powder type in good working order,:thumb:
    All you have to decide then, have you got the Ba**ls to use it after reading the above:ROFLMAO:
    PS all modern types are now colourd red with a colour band sometimes to denote contents
    Read the lable to be sure
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    Unfortunately the halon environmentally friendly extinguishers are hard to obtain in Europe and expensive if you can get them. The Badger Halotron1 2.5lb extinguisher is about the right size for a motorhome but is over £100.

    Perhaps the best bet may be a CO2 extinguisher around £30 (2kg) although that is much bigger and heavier than the small dry powder ones.
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    May 23, 2010
    The coloured band is there to denote the contents:

    Red no band = Water
    Blue band = Powder
    Cream (may look yellowish) = Foam
    Black = Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

    please note.

    These are european standard not US

    All the best Rick.

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