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Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by tsf, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. tsf

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    Aug 8, 2010
    We recently rented a 7m Burstner with rear bunks for the kids. Very nice and practical. But, we are currently considering a purchase and would like to understand how having a rear lounge instead makes life on the road any more enjoyable.

    From what I can see, a lot of British builders do these (eg Swift Sundance 630). I am told that the rear lounge is a British phenomenon (maybe climate related!) with few foreign brands supporting this layout.

    The only downsides I can see compared to bunks are: Smaller external storage locker, making the beds in the evening, possibly extra .5m length. For me, these don't compete with the upside of a large separate living space with great windows & views.

    Does anybody have any opinions? I hope so.
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    One important factor with you having children is the number of belted travel seats. Some rear lounge models only have two or three belted seats.

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    Jun 21, 2008
    I have a rear lounge Swift Kontiki.
    I love it as I have the choice of a very large 6' by 6' bed, which can be left up if you want to, because it also has a dinette opposite the kitchen.
    When going abroad I leave it made up as we live outdoors most of the time, unless of course it is raining.
    Can be used as 2 good sized single beds, which enables you to use the lounge to socialise/or watch tv on a rainy day. Forgot to mention also has overcab bed which can take one large adult or 2 children
    That is why I love it, I have the choice. :winky:::bigsmile:
    It is in my opinion, the best layout that there is. :Smile:
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    Nov 30, 2009
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    This is an older model than ours , but with the same internal layout . The new versions dont have as much room at the front.
    We find the open front lounge swivel cab chairs, give loads of room for a family , and dogs.
    Theres also a good kitchen that you can move around in proper oven and fridge freezer. They are quite hard to come by. Ours has a separate BI fold door shower , not sure if this one does , which great. The build is a good solid quality. Not plastic , hardwood too.
    We looked for ages for ours , and were lucky to get the 2006 "GTL top class" model which had lots of extras as its was a dealer special .
    We paid £30k for ours so last November with 13k on the clock from a dealer . So i think this could do with being a bit cheaper.
    Unless we got a real bargain:thumb: They do seam to hold there value though.

    The only thing that lets it down , was the upholstery , it didn't wear well and as this owner said , the foam was very soft. Ours was the Burgundy and gold Aztec print though.
    Ours is getting reupholstered , re foamed and curtained as we speak, at in Birmingham. Once thats done it will be perfect for us.
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    Thiis is a six berth with rear bunk beds, very highly specced with excellent furnishings throughout, details and pics on link

    Hobby Siesta T600 AK Motorhome


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