Re-united at St Neots

Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by Cairnnut, Jun 26, 2016.

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    Just returned from a great weekend at St Neots CC&C, arrived Friday evening and pitched up and noticed that the VW camper opposite looked a bit familiar so after a bit of rummaging through Helen's phone pictures we confirmed it was indeed our old camper that was our introduction to motor-homing that we parted with 6 years ago. Armed with Helen's phone I knocked and blurted out to the bewildered lady occupant that I used to own the van and showed the picture to her. Pam as we now know her was very interested to meet us and hear of our adventures in the VW .It turned out that she had bought the van from the dealer we traded it in at and over the 6 years had covered 25000 miles as a solo camper, we spent quite a few hours over the weekend chatting and now have a new facebook friend.
    We also had a massive storm Saturday evening that left a few vehicles with their own personal moat !! hope the people in the swift managed to Escape !!! IMG_20160626_100506429_HDR.jpg IMG-20160624-WA0001.jpg 20160626_113658.jpg
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    What a lovely coincidence! Did you tell her about MHF!!:LOL:

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