Quickest and easiest route Rotterdam to Croatia (1 Viewer)

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Oct 18, 2013
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Hoping to go to Croatia next May.

Limited to 18 days which I know is a stretch but 'that's life, riding high in April....

Getting return ferry from Hull to eliminate 250m in UK and get a good start the morning of the first day, and allow a decent bit of driving the last day which helps a lot. Fair price I thought too. BF take note.

Checked Via Michelin and looking at Germany, Austria then Slovenia (staying at Lake Bled for a few nights)

Van is a 5.41m H2 Westfalia 3500.

All first hand advice welcome.

Because of the time limit I appreciate we'll have to use motorways/tolls so have factored that in. Be nice to go a more scenic slower route but that will have to wait til we have more time I guess..

Don't mind a slightly slower route to see something nice but need to get fast easy miles under the belt too(wife will share the driving if mway) to avoid being shattered every day.

Thanks for any tips.


Need to sort insurance out too. Currently with NFU. If they don't start to offer fully comp for Croatia in 2023 I'll have to change insurers too.


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