Problems (and sloutions) using LPG pumps in France (1 Viewer)

Sep 3, 2009
NW Surrey
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LHD Hymer exsis-i
We have Gaslow in our MH with an external filler. Last month for the first time ever, I wanted to fill up in France. ( It was cold at night). I've got the correct dish adaptor and I wear gloves. This was our experience for the possible benefit of others

First attempt at a Leclerc, I pushed the button to start the flow, and after a few seconds gas started to spurt out around the nozzle, I couldn't stop it so I gave up and paid for lossen€2/3 of gas! Searching this site I found on an old thread that a common fault was the weight of the gun if incorrectly positioned could cause the adaptor to rotate and unscrew slightly.

2nd attempt on an autoroute, I could not get the gun to lock on no matter what I tried. I know how the gun is supposed to lock on and I'm reasonably confident with this sort of thing. I ended up assuming the gun was faulty.

3rd attempt, again on an autoroute (BP) I made sure the gun was positioned so that the weight of the gun tightened the adaptor, locked the gun on with no problem, and the gas flow started automatically!!!!!!!!!! No leaks and there were two prominent emergency stop buttons close to the hose. Two full gas bottles, albeit at autoroute prices.

At none of the locations was there any comment about filling a MH, although at each place I'd opened the door to turn off the bottles before driving up to the pump.


ps Can't seem to edit spelling in title.
Mar 23, 2012
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Only filled once in France I thought their connectors were better than ours!

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