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Discussion in 'How To' started by mikempd, Jun 29, 2011.

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    I have just joined the 'motorhome community' because the appeal of the open road is getting stronger and stronger. Nuff said.

    I've got a technical question which I am hoping somebody might be able to shed some light on for me. I have recently purchase a Mercedes Pioneer 1204, based on the Merc 208 chassis on a X plate (1982). Unfortunately it doesn't have power steering, which I didn't think would be a problem, but I am used to my creature comforts now so I was contemplating the possibilities, during the motorhomes renovation, of fitting PAS to the vehicle.

    A Mercedes Technician has told me that there is no 'vehicle specific PAS system', but to me that says that there might be a unit on another model i.e a 310 chassis, that could be modified to fit. I have also spoken to the editor of a Custom Van magazine who informed me that he had heard of the conversion being done, but he didn;'t know and of the specifics.

    Also does anyone know where I can lay my hands on spare parts for a Mercedes 208 (1982) Any help on these matter would be greatly appreciated.


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    I would imagine your talking about changing the steering rack to a power rack, adding the pump and all pipework. I don't suppose theres much more really.
    Or put extra air in the tyres:Smile:

    Also cheap tyres can cause heavier steering, what have you got at present ?.
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    even if it is 'do-able' it would be a much bigger job than you think...

    steering rack, are the track rod ends the same...could be a different size or taper.

    then possibly followed by the steering column that goes with the rack.

    if so theres a possibility the column mounted switch stalks may be different on the replacement column so new switch gear needed, or possibly rehash the wiring to suit.

    pump...is there a suitable mounting point on the engine for the pump, and can you source the neccessary longer drive belt ?

    hoses and reservior....is there underbonnet space for these items ?

    then you would need to tell your insurers about the changes :Eeek:

    in my opinion, better stick with the grunt steering and grow 'popeye' arms.:Laughing:
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    Hi Mike Welcome to the FUN

    I had a look into this a while ago for my 207d (1986) the steering box is the same fitting as the manual one so you do not have to change the drag link etc,

    However the 2.4 lump never had power steering fitted, it was fitted when Merc changed to the more powerful 2.2. engine.

    not sure if the pump etc from the 2.2 will fit the 2.4

    I do not have any problems with the steering , I keep the kingpins well greased , tyre pressures correct, :thumb:

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